Natural Hair Wash Day

For people with natural hair or hair conditions, Wash day can be overwhelming, scary, and laborious - not to mention potentially expensive and with the wrong ingredients list, harmful instead of helpful. To provide some structure, we wanted to break down a few elements that go into a Wash Day and what it can look like to incorporate multiple products for your overall hair health. This is by no means the end all be all of hair care, and we look forward to expanding our Wash Day tips, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll learn something new today!
Suggested materials:
- oil (for hot oil treatment) or diluted Apple Cider Vinegar
- wide tooth comb, any kind of detangler
- water (for washing)
- HAIRREAU Shampoo
- HAIRREAU Conditioner
- HAIRREAU Nutritive Hair Spray
- HAIRREAU Follicle Serum
Do your products know how to get along? Using HAIRREAU's trusted SYSTEM of hair products will help hair health by creating an environment where all the products are able to coexist in your hair routine.
To try if your other products will work together as leave-ins, serums, sprays etc:
① Take a dime size amount of two (or three products) and try blending them on the back of your hand.
② If they seamlessly blend and merge together, they'll work well together on your hair.
③ If your products become crumbly, flakey or don't blend - It might be time to decide a beneficial system of products that will work together for your hair health!
Do you have a pre-poo routine or use hot oil treatments? It has a number of benefits, including loosening up product build up before shampooing. Paired with HAIRREAU's Wash Set system, your hair will feel brand new! If you don’t like the feeling of hot oil treatments, you can always try a cooling Apple Cider Vinegar rinse to loosen up build up - diluted with water of course.
Once finished with any pre-poo routines, use HAIRREAU’S shampoo. For the best and quickest results using Haireau, brush your scalp not the hair but scalp ! This does two things: #1 it opens up the follicle and softens the bacteria in the follicle bed, which allows #2, HAIRREAU to come in and attack pathogens as needed! At that point the follicles are receptive to receive nutrients, oxygen and any oils that are applied to help the follicle initiate the growth process
Once finished cleansing via shampooing, it’s now time for CONDITIONING. Not only to create shine and luster in your locks but to make sure that there's enough slip to allow an easy detangling process. Do NOT use a small tooth comb - use your fingers first, and a wide comb tooth to follow - both are necessary for making sure there aren't clumps of tangles being pulled out of your hair!
When styling your hair, use HAIRREAU's Restorative Hair Treatment Spray to wet your hair to make it easier to handle - especially for twist outs, braid outs and similar styles.
Then, seal in the moisture on your ends and make sure your scalp is cared for by using our HAIRREAU Follicle Serum.HAIRREAU Follicle Serum treats Hair Follicle Witheration, a condition that is caused by pathogens and hormonal changes that causes the follicle to wither and become weak and nonfunctional. This causes hair breakage that leads to hair loss and is the missing staple product that’ll upgrade your entire routine. Limited supplies, so act fast!
Treat your crown to the care it deserves! Having an over the top routine isn’t necessary but it IS absolutely necessary if your main goal is GROWTH. There are many factors that play a role in maintaining and creating new length, one of which includes Hair Follicle Witheration - that’s why we made this serum and all HAIRREAU products to specifically combat bacteria, hair loss and make sure your hair has what it needs not just to be fine, but to FLOURISH.

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